World of Warcraft and my Mental Illness.

Gaming.... It's therapeutic.    Pretending to be someone your not or secretly being who you really are is freeing.

Like therapy and Halloween.   

Some night elf music for you.
   I can lose myself in a game, or at  least I used to... I haven't had time lately. :(  (tow trucks/car lot/junkyard/thrift store=no life)  Video games helped me think less. Helped me be social when I wasn't in real life.
It was my medication and my therapy for years. I played world of warcraft... Often times it was all I did.

The ex had too many more achievements and levels and well, I wasn't happy in second place. I never am. I have mental issues... Alot of them.

 Having mental illness has given me alot... Alot of symptoms, alot of anxiety, alot of yuck. Therapy is necessary to stave off the crazy.

    I am a broke bit*h, so actual therapy is not something I can afford. Yes, I know there are free programs and sliding scales. I qualify, but in reality I can't even afford the free programs.…